Me pātai noa - ko te mate whakatāoke rānei tēnei?

Just ask – could it be sepsis?

It’s hard to describe and it’s not easy to detect but it is killing our whānau. Sepsis is a life-threatening complication of infection that needs urgent treatment.

Terms you may recognise to describe sepsis include blood poisoning / toto pirau and septicaemia, but whatever you call it, early recognition and treatment will save a life.


children die of sepsis each year globally.


sepsis cases originated in the community.


the average cost of an admission with sepsis in New Zealand


number of people that die of sepsis each year globally.

Together we can make a difference.

There’s a lack of sepsis research, awareness and advocacy in New Zealand often leaving sepsis patients and survivors with no natural advocate in the healthcare system.

With your support you could help us reach the following goals:

We can save lives and support recovery.

The New Zealand Sepsis Trust aims to take up this role by promoting clinical tools, providing education and fundraising to build awareness and sepsis research capability.