Resources for Raising Awareness

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Our ‘Raise The Flag’ materials are free to download as a PDF or you can order supplies for fundraising or awareness events. To order, complete the online order form linked at the bottom of this page and email to

Poster - Te Reo $10.00

Poster - Te Reo
$2.50 ea

Poster - English $10.00

Poster - English
$2.50 ea

Shirts can be printed for charity and sporting events

Flyer $10.00

ID Cards for ED and Inpatient
$1.20 ea

Magnet $10.00

$3.40 ea

Patient Flyers
$0.99 ea

Kayring $10.00

$2.50 ea

Pen $10.00

Out of stock

Lanyard for GP and Primary Care $5.30 ea

To order resources, please complete the order form below.