The Sepsis Trust was founded to raise awareness of sepsis, a severe outcome of infection. At the Trust, frontline healthcare workers and sepsis survivors work together to find ways of increasing awareness, improving care of serious infection, and supporting survivors. We understand the damage that infection can do.

COVID-19 is a pandemic viral respiratory tract infection. In some patients (about 10% of those infected) some time will be spent in hospital care. A proportion of these patients will suffer severe respiratory difficulties and some will show signs of sepsis.

Please use our resources and those available at to get accurate information. Educate yourself and others about what sepsis is and when to seek help. For some guidance to our Māori whānau we also would like to highlight The National Māori Pandemic group They were established for the COVID-19 outbreak and provide practical advice and guidance tailored to Māori individuals, Māori Health Practitioners, marae, hapu and iwi.

Most importantly, look after each other. Our hospitals are preparing well for what lies ahead, and we’ll be sharing updates and messages throughout the next few weeks on our web page and social media channels.

In Italy, the community have been rallying together under the banner of “Andra Tutto Bene” – everything will be alright.

The same will be true here.