The National Sepsis Action Plan - A way forward

Post Sepsis Syndrome: A Guide for GPs

Post Sepsis Care: A Guide for Hospital-Based Staff

Letter Template for Primary Care

New Zealand needs a plan...

With partners across New Zealand, the Trust is working to deliver a National Sepsis Action Plan to guide our health sector, our institutions, and our communities.

Sepsis (mate whakatāoke) is defined as a life-threatening immune response to infection.  Sepsis is under-recognised, which can lead to inadequate treatment, prolonged hospital admission, and death in some cases. 

Sepsis contributes to 20% of all deaths globally. It is a preventable illness, an unnecessary drain on resources, and a serious cause of harm to thousands in New Zealand every year.

In Māori and Pacific communities, adults and children experience sepsis at more than twice the rate of non-Māori and Pacific people.

The impact of sepsis beyond the health system includes loss of income for survivors and possible increased physical dependence and extends to whānau (family) and carers.

We have to do something to reduce avoidable harm due to sepsis in our communities. The documents below explain the development of the plan, and the steps we’re taking to make sure it gets implemented: